For Schools

Our centre regularly cooperates with many schools and kindergartens from Prague area. We will be happy to prepare a program for you according to the topics that are given by the LEGO Education curriculum, at the same time, thanks to the flexibility of the Lego sets, it is possible to prepare a topic that just suits you in your school curriculum.

You can book a session directly at your school.

LEGO Education curriculum combines subjects (most often mathematics, physics, biology, geography), children discover new knowledge in context. By using Lego to teach, children are motivated to work on their mistakes they might make, return to the problem and then solve the problem.


We offer the possibility of organizing our clubs directly on the premises of any elementary school or kindergarten in Prague and the surrounding areas. With our clubs, we already operate in more than 30 Czech, international, state and private schools...

Are you interested in organizing any of our programs at your kindergarten or elementary school?

Write to us at, and we will try to find an ideal way of cooperation.

During June, are currently planning club schedules for the 2023/2024 school year.


Workshops for Kindergarten:

LEGO The Explorer

Program for children aged 3-4 years of age. Children at this age love to explore the world around them, and during the program children will acquire knowledge and skills on a variety of topics using themed LEGO® Education sets. During the program, children develop their imagination, motor skills, creativity, but also, for example, numeracy and communication skills.

Engineer builder

Program intended for preschoolers (age: 5-6 years). During the program, children work with the LEGO® Education First Mechanisms building set, which allows them to build their first simple mechanical structures. When working with this kit, children mainly develop their technical skills, creative thinking, fine motor skills, but also their language skills.

Workshops for primary schools:

WeDo - the first robot

LEGO® robotics for students of years 1-2 of an elementary school. During the workshop, children build a robot in pairs, which they then connect to a tablet and program to get it to move. The WeDo kit allows children to gain their first experience in the world of technology and robots, but also primarily in programming and algorithmization.


Mindstorms robotics

LEGO® Education Mindstorms EV3 is an educational robot designed for children years 3 to 9 of an elementary school. During the program, children learn the basics of robot programming in a playful way, develop their logical thinking, spatial imagination, technical skills, but also their ability to cooperate.


We can organize all programs as workshops lasting 45-90 minutes (depending on the age of the children), or as a project day (4x45 minutes), which can be paid for from Sablony program. Workshops can be organized directly at your school or in the premises of our education center in Prague 3.

The price of the programs depends on the length of the program, the number of children, and transportation (if any).

Do not hesitate to contact us at to book a session and for more information.


Does your school use Sablony programs? Do you have polytechnic education in your recommended activities?

Order a workshop prepared for polytechnic topics in kindergartens. And for Lego robotics and programming as part of your project day for first and second grade elementary schools.

As part of Sablony II/III, we will prepare a program for you for your project day focused on polytechnic education.

We can prepare a project day for you at school and outside of school, which we will adapt according to your needs.